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Recent changes in the Watchtower Society's blood policy will permit Jehovah's Witnesses to accept hemoglobin based blood substitutes as they become commercially available. The two companies in the forefront of development of hemoglobin solutions are Northfield laboratories and Biopure. Northfield's "Polyheme" is made from human red blood cells, whereas Biopure's "Hemopure" is made from bovine "cow's blood" red cells. Some Jehovah's Witnesses may find this type of blood product objectionable because numerous passages in the Bible call for animal blood to be poured out upon the ground when an animal is slaughtered. Nonetheless, the Watchtower's latest classification of blood products permits its use. Bear in mind that a transfusion of Hemopure does not equate with "eating" blood since there is no digestion which would be required for any nutritional benefit to accrue. We can see no valid reason for a Christian to reject a medically necessary transfusion of Polyheme or Hemopure.

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Vast quantities of blood must be donated by non Jehovah's Witnesses to provide all of the blood fractions and medicines used by Jehovah's Witnesses and their children. Please help replenish the supply - give blood.

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