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Members - Private Section

Welcome to our members section. This part of the web site is reserved for senior AJWRB members actively involved in the ongoing effort to educate both Jehovah's Witnesses and the medical community about the WTS blood policy. We ask that you take reasonable precautions with your user name and password.

This section is under development at this time. Comments or suggestions regarding how this space might best be utilized are appreciated.

Some of the material we are planning on making available in this section include:

1. Specifics regarding upcoming medical conventions where AJWRB plans to participate.
2. Outlines and drafts of medical articles being developed.
3 Our strategic policy for dealing  with the WTS.
4. News we feel is too sensitive or perhaps in some cases unconfirmed and highly speculative.
5. Personal information regarding how other members are doing.
6. Informal meetings or get togethers.
7. Special materials for use of Senior AJWRB members, i.e. business cards, stationary, etc.
8. Bios on senior members