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Trauma - Life in the E.R. - This is a 15 minute video clip documenting the story of a San Antonio, Texas (U.S.A.) Jehovah's Witness couple who were involved in a serious autobile accident. They requested and received Watchtower approved "bloodless" medical treatment. Both husband and wife died. This is a 9 megabyte clip that takes approximately one hour to download with a 56K connection. Right click on the link and save file to your computer. Real Media player is required.

The Parents Perspective

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions For Those Who Accept the Society's Position

This article is also available in international language versions:

Finnish: Kysymyksiä niille, jotka hyväksyvät Seuran näkemyksen verensiirroista
German: Fragen an diejenigen, die die Position der Gesellschaft akzeptieren
Portuguese: Como você responderia às questoes seguintes?
Spanish: Preguntas para quienes aceptan la posición de la Sociedad
Swedish: Frågor till de som accepterar Sällskapets position när det gäller blod

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An Experienced Elder's Perspective - and video clip