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In this section you will learn about the technical aspects of the Watchtower Society's (WTS) current blood policy and how compliance with the policy is promoted. To promote a better understanding of the policy, we will provide additional information concerning WTS views on science and medicine in the decades leading up to the implementation of the policy. You will also find accurate information regarding the risks associated with the use of blood and blood products.

Prohibited Blood Components

Allowed Blood Components

Quack Medicine - The WTS Strange Views On Medicine

Vaccinations - "A Crime Against Humanity"

Organ Transplants - Cannibalism

The Blood Prohibition

Is a Transfusion the same as eating blood?

Quack Science and the Risks of Blood Transfusions

Watchtower Propaganda Ensures Compliance

Indoctrination and Manipulation
The Aids Myth
Consumer Reports article on blood safety
Just what are the Risks